current version 1.01b
released 26.6.2010
XP, Vista, Windows 7 Compatible


Clipboard Monitor


Use Clipboard Monitor to make your work more effectively.

  • monitor your clipboard
  • save your work
  • make your own clips
  • easy paste of your text
  • no more lost of your clip data


What exactly is Clipboard Monitor?

Clipboard Monitor is an application to monitor the clipboard and collect all the clips from the clipboard. This application allows monitoring and recording your work activities in the clipboard. Once you copy something for example using CTRL + C, it will be saved to the clipboard. If you repeat this step again, the current content of the clipboard will be replaced by a new and therefore the previous content will be lost. Clipboard Monitor stores this information for you, monitors the mailbox, and records each change and therefore saves you time and simplifies your work with computer. Don’t lose your data, don’t waste your time.


Keep your frequently used information together

Did ever happened to you that you had in your mailbox an entertaining URL from your friends and you can’t find it anymore?
Do you often enter your e-mail or phone number?
Do you need your ICQ, MSN, Skype ready to use anytime?
Using the Clipboard Monitor you can frequently used data easily find and use.


Create your collection of quickly use for household work and entertainment.

Using the Clip Editor you can create your own collection for your job where your work e-mail, phone number and other various work related necessary data will be stored.  Create your collection for work at home with your e-mail, ICQ, MSN, your bank account number. Create a collection of clips and of entertainment URLs from your friends



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Clipboard Monitor

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